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About me

Hello fellow gamers! I have loved TTRPGs since my first encounter with them in junior high school, when my friends and I played old school 2nd Edition D&D. In my early adulthood I fell in love with 3 and 3.5, and became a forever DM amongst my friends. I have been running D&D 5E for the past few years and have recently decided to delve into running Pathfinder 2E. I am an avid gamer with a deep love for this hobby. It was a natural progression and amazing opportunity when I came across Start Playing to take the leap into DM'ing professionally. So come join my games, and lets start playing together!

GM style

I tend to favor a nice mix of tactical combat, roleplay, and environmental/puzzle challenges. I prefer a strong narrative that fuels the reasons and motivations for the characters, NPCs, and gives weight to the combat encounters. I have been playing TTRPGs for over 30 years, and a DM for 20.

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