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A few years ago, my friends and I were talking at one of our Magic the Gathering meets about potentially playing in a DnD Campaign over the summer. Fast forward two years, 20 levels, hundreds of battles, one epic quest and many many emotions later, I found myself and my fellow adventurers forever changed by our Journey. When I sat down at that table for the first time, I had no idea what I was in store for. But stood there, in a city our characters had saved time and again, in a world we knew only existed because of our heroics, I understood the power of DnD. Hi! My name is Oli , I'm 22 and I've been playing TTRPG's for coming up on 6 years now. While I'm a relative newcomer to the scene by Gygaxian standards, I'd like to think I bring a fresh perspective to the table that can help to shape a game you want to be a part of. I've always loved telling stories, and TTRPG's have been the perfect way to do that. RPG's are totally unique in their ability to bring a player, not just into the story, but the world itself. The feeling of having a world change in response to your actions as well as adapt around them is just one of the many things that sets TTRPG's apart from the rest, and it's a feeling I strive to create in all of my games. I've been DM'ing now for coming up on 5 years and have loved every second of it. My goal is to tell stories that will stay with you long after you leave my table. If you're interested in having a chat or asking me any questions, feel free to hit me up on Discord or send me an email! Email: Discord: DoilytheDM#5045

GM style

At my Table, Fun and the enjoyment of my Players is my Number 1 priority. I use a number of tabletop safety tools that I ask my players to fill in before a game, as well as making sure I am open and available to any concerns my players have before or during all of my sessions. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable at my table. My favorite style of game to run are heavily narrative focused campaigns with plenty of chances for RP and long sprawling plot lines, with many interconnected plot threads and characters that the players will need to unravel over the course of their adventure. With this In mind, I often use milestones instead of XP for character progression, however I am open to using whatever feels best for each group of players. I'm no stranger to combat as well, though I much prefer combat with a purpose and emotional or physical stakes to random encounters. I also like to run with a number of homebrew houserules. These are little tweaks to the rules as written that I've built up over the games I've run, all in the name of making the game more engaging and fun for the players. Any and/or all of these would be subject to change however, based on what you as the players felt comfortable with at the table.

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