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About me

Hi, gamers! Folks call me 'Doc!' I've been running role-playing games for more than three decades. In that time I've GM'd over 200 different systems; multiple editions of some of them; across every imaginable genre and sub-genre. Additionally, I have almost 40 years of drama training, 20 years of improvisational comedy training and performance, and just over 8 years of voice-acting. As a Game Master, my focus is on telling a story driven by the player characters, even if it is a pre-published adventure. I endeavor to make interactions entertaining and memorable while developing engaging non-player characters, terrifying monsters, and detestable foes. I look forward to expanding the range of games available and helping players to have some great experiences!

GM style

It's called a game, so it better be fun! Player experience has always been my primary focus. Telling a compelling story is one thing, but I like to make certain that the players feel that their characters are the primary agents of change in the setting. Taking a 'yes, and' approach with player contributions means that the results of the adventure can be radically different from that which is published or planned. For me, that's a major component of the fun! Expect character voices, cliffhanger action, playing with tropes, and a dedication to player engagement when sitting down at a virtual table with me!


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