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Greetings Adventurers! My name is Zac. I'm an audiobook narrator ( as well as a professional GM. (So, yes, expect lots of silly voice acting!) I played D&D 3.5 back in high school and then got back into D&D in 2017 after being inspired by Critical Role. Since then I've logged thousands of hours behind the GM screen running games for friends, family, local games stores, and professional games online. I love integrating character backstories into my games, collaborating on worldbuilding, and going off the rails! So, if you're looking for a group that's as much about role play as it is about dungeon crawling, this is the place for you.

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*** What To Expect In Game *** My goals is always to create a fun, immersive experience where you feel grounded in the moment. Whether you're relaxing in a tavern as your bard plays to the crowd, camped on a freezing mountain top, or sneaking into a dragon's lair, the magic of D&D comes in the moments when you're in tune with your character. That's when it's real! On a more practical level, I try to encourage roleplaying, while acknowledging that it can be hard. I also include exploration and combat in most sessions (because it's fun)! *** Safety Tools *** There can be a stigma against using/talking about safety tools. (As if they make the game less fun). The truth is that we are playing a collaborative, vulnerable game with strangers on the internet. Safety tools allow us (player and DM alike) to relax and really lean into roleplaying because we know where the lines are and have the tools to deal with a scene going wrong.

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