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When the last D20 is rolled the world will end. I've been sent back in time to reverse this through Dungeons and Dragons. Together we can save the world. I bring storylines that adapt to the players and love creative thinkers. I run a sandbox, narrative, and roleplay heavy(ish) custom setting with probably one combat or challenge encounter per session unless the players are dictating otherwise. I enjoy testing things out in one-shots, but my real passion lies in campaigns. The ongoing epic stories the players guide and participate in makes for some amazing memories. I'm looking forward to making new memories with my players. (No racists or homophobes need apply. LGBT+ friendly, all inclusive, people of all walks of life welcome. I love everyone and you should too.) I am a big fan of PBP games too, hit me up if you're interested in running a play-by-post game via discord text channel. Currently running a Studio Ghibli Inspired PBP called Parasil. (banner image Grady Frederick. -->

GM style

I like giving players freedom in their choices and adventures. The games I run are roleplay heavy and generally take place in a custom fantasy world. Whenever possible I prefer to have players create their own characters - and to use those details in the adventure(s). I also, uh... say words good.


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