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Randy (DnD_Randy)
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2 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Voices, Storytelling, World Builder

About me

Hi! I've been doing tabletop for 14 years now and running my own games for 12. Started in 2nd edition D&D with some students and professors during my undergrad and really took a shine to the crunch of it all as we moved into 3rd and 3.5e. As life moved forward I found the math and optimization got old for me, but roleplay never failed to draw me in. I've been almost exclusively a DM/GM for the last decade or so and run story-centric roleplay focused games in a variety of settings and rulesets. A few years ago I began streaming my games so that our friends who weren't in a particular game could still come watch and hang out with everyone. Nowadays I consider myself a streaming hobbyist and enjoy the production elements alongside the standard TTRPG work, but I'm not attached to the idea of streamed games if my players aren't on board with that sort of thing. For some games I'm comfortable taking it easy and just being a group of friends rolling dice together, and for others I like to go all the way with production, costumes, and props. I'm always going to be doing character voices, memorable NPCs, and interesting plot and storylines as those are my personal strengths.

GM style

My roots are in the 'crunch' of TTRPGs, the math of it all, but I grew to love and favor roleplay over mechanics a long time ago. For me, these games are about long-form collaborative storytelling, and I want to help you and your fellow players tell a story you'll carry with you for the rest of your life because I certainly intend to carry it with me.


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