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About me

Hi I'm DM Michael. I've been running games for over 4 years and love welcoming new and experienced players alike. As a former theater kid, I really lean into my characterizations, using voices for my NPCs and provide a lot of atmosphere with music and custom tokens. I also love building story beats around character backstories. This is YOUR story and you will shape the world. Logistically, I use a combination of Roll20 and Discord. I run mostly 5e but have recently started getting into Trail of Cthulhu. That said, if you and your group are interested in a different rule set I'm happy to set up a custom game to accommodate your interests. Whether you want a nifty one-shot or a multiverse-spanning epic campaign, let's work together to craft a game that will be one for the ages.

GM style

My style is story-driven, with a focus on roleplaying. Generally, I run published modules but modify them heavily based upon the backgrounds and desires of the people at my tables. I also tend to stick to rules as written, but rules as intended and "rule of cool" also enter into my adjudicating from time to time. I also love tactical combat. I rarely stick to the basic monster manual stat blocks, and the monsters will behave according to their intelligence and cunning. My games also feature interesting locations that make combat more interesting. Players will need to rely on teamwork to be successful.

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