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About me

Hello. My name is Shane. I was introduced to RPGs when I was 12 years old, after hearing some older kids talk about a game unlike anything I had ever heard of. I asked if I could play too. They said, "Yes". A few hours later I emerged from my first session of D&D, hooked for life. I have been gaming ever since that life-changing day! I have played many different game systems, but I mostly gravitate toward fantasy RPGs. Regardless of the game system, my specialty is running short, fast paced, high action games. My GM strengths are involving players, improvising scenes, and story pacing. I have run games for a wide variety of people over the years, to include complete beginners, BIPOC players, children, LGBTQ+ players, neurodivergent players, and veterans. By my count, I have gamed with about 350-400 people over the past 38 years and would be honored to Start Playing with you!

GM style

I run fast, fun, and light-hearted games where you can expect a lot of laughing and joking. I prefer an even mix of combat, exploration, and roleplay, with slightly more emphasis on action and exploration than on deep roleplay. I use high-quality battle maps and tokens to fire players' imaginations and lean into the rule of cool, rather than strictly adhering to rules as written. When it comes to roleplay, I focus on creating realistic NPCs with believable motivations. However, I am not a voice actor and often use slight variations of my own voice. While I may not be a gifted voice actor, I provide a lot of handouts, NPC portraits, images, maps, and ambient music to enhance player experience. But the main thing for you to know about my GM style is that I focus on ensuring players have their moment to shine and leave the table excited for the next session. Everyone wants to do cool stuff in RPGs and I try to ensure that happens, every time someone plays with me.

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