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About me

Hi! My name is Chris Fitz 🧙🐲 I am a professional Dungeon Master. I have been playing D&D for about 10 years and I have been a Dungeon Master for about 7 years. I also post a lot on Tik Tok. I have over 85 thousand followers! I post a lot of tips, ideas, and humorous videos. You can find me with the username dmgfitz. I am an extremely passionate worldbuilder and storyteller. My first ever home game took 5 years to complete. I have since run numerous home and virtual games. My games tend to have a great mix of combat and roleplay with puzzles strewn out. Every story I tell is unique, and oftentimes I use the repercussions of my players' actions to set the stage for other players' campaigns. What matters most to me is YOUR story. I try to be the best narrator, not storyteller. It is the players who help write the story :) I welcome ALL players. I believe inclusivity is super important and all characters should have representation. I take responsibility in making sure that every player feels safe and represented in the world I have created. Whether you are new or a veteran of the game, I welcome you to my table. I use a lot of resources for my tables. Below are some of the things that I often use: 🤖Discord Server + Soncraft Bot for ambience music🎶 🔮D&D Beyond Subscription 🖥️VTT: Roll20 🗺️Inkarnate (for maps) 🎙️Voice Mod app (for unique character voices) ⚔️Custom Maps/Tokens (If you have art, even better! Send it over and Ill make a token for you)

GM style

My GM Style can be broken up into the following: Session 0 Character and Narrative Driven Stories Combat Magic Rules as Written? Session 0 🔮 I firmly believe that a Session 0 is extremely necessary, especially if we are planning a long term campaign. Every great campaign is supported by Session 0. In that session, I like to cover House Rules, Character Creation, World Building, and Safety Tools. I treat Session 0 as a collaborative meeting amongst my players, where they have just as much input as I do. It is a great time to get to know newer players and for them to get to know me. This is the perfect time to develop the trust needed to tell a wonderful story. Character and Narrative Driven Stories 📖 The stories I craft tend to follow a theme, and within that theme there is of course a story to be told. But I love incorporating player ideas into those stories. I want the players to have a voice in the type of story they want. AND their characters should drive that story. So I tend to choose a theme, write up an outline of that story, then bring in the players and their characters, and finally fill in the gaps and add details to how that story will unfold. As the story progresses, the character’s decisions and actions will help develop the story and drive it. (I could have one BBEG planned for the story, but the players could totally go a different route and BOOM, we have a completely different BBEG) Another concept I try to keep in mind when it comes to the player’s characters is growth. During Session 0, I like to emphasize making a flawed character, so that by the end of the story, that character will have grown from their experiences. Combat ⚔️ I love fun and challenging combat encounters. I was in the military, so being tactical has always been a part of how I do things. I like to bring that to the table. I will never let a player’s ability go to waste, and instead I will develop combat encounters that will push players to be creative with their abilities. And on top of that, I have been known to adjust some monsters from how they're written in book. I do this to keep veteran players on their toes. What this means mechanically is that I may change their HP, AC, Stats, or given them an extra ability. I also like to homebrew my own monstrous creations. Magic 🪄 Because my games tend to be high fantasy, there is an abundance of magic and magical items. I don't shy away from throwing magical items at my players...nor do I shy away from giving them to their enemies. The world I create has an abundance of magic, which allows for scientific advancement! Warforged, Airships, and guns have popped up from time to time. Rules as Written? 📚 We're all here to have a good time, and the rules in every game system exist to help us accomplish that. I anchor myself with the rules. But I have been known to stretch the boundaries of rules as written. Saying yes, and… is also something I like to try when rules are restricting the enjoyment of the game.

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