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About me

Greetings! Over the past couple of years I've had the pleasure of running a multitude of one-shots, short campaigns, adventure modules, and even a couple homebrew campaigns of my own. I'm the type of DM whose idea of a fun time is to spend hours reading through books, resources, lore, rulings, etc. Running D&D games has become one of my favourite things to do and I really can't get enough of it, hope this gives you an idea of how I feel about the game. I'd say the main reason I love to run D&D is to meet all the great characters that people imagine up and bring to life while we play. I'm sure many great characters live in your imagination, and it would be awesome to see them brought to life in our games. --------------------------------------------------------------- Google Drive Link with my list of Homebrew / House Rules / Bans: --------------------------------------------------------------- I also take requests for Custom One-Shots! Private message for more information!

GM style

My goal is to present wonderful locations for the characters to explore, reward creative solutions to problems and puzzles, create engaging NPCs and interesting role-playing encounters, and when all else fails - tactically challenge the players and their abilities in combat. In our game we will have more than plenty of opportunities to crack jokes and laugh, but also there may be serious situations, in-depth conversations, tough choices - all things to make your characters the heroes of the story. I'm not a rules-lite DM but I don't dwell on them either. If I can't recall the rule in that moment or a dispute cannot be solved in under 30 seconds, I make use of "on-the-spot" rulings going with what makes the most sense in the moment, and correcting after the session, and if I made a mistake, I'll toss some inspiration your way. Regular feedback is something I ask from my players, and I always go out of my way to make sure that people are happy with the game and their characters. My goal is that everyone has fun and always looks forward to the next session.

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