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About me

I'm a roleplay heavy GM who loves bringing characters to life with bespoke voice acting, and I love creating immersive TTRPG experiences with music, visual effects, and improv acting! You might know me from Youtube as Dice & Easy! I'm a punctual and dependable GM who will always be on time to the game and respond to your messages here on or Discord within a day. I'm also a patient person who loves teaching people who to play TTRPGs so you don't need to remember every single rule! I'm a fulltime game developer by day but during my free time I'm a TTRPG content creator, making Foundry VTT tutorial videos on Youtube among other things like streaming. Now I want to bring more wonderful people to my table! As a bi person of color it is very important for me to create a safe and inclusive table where racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, misogyny or any other form of bigotry will not be tolerated. Although these themes might come up in my game worlds, they will always be presented as negative thing that should not be aspired to. I am focused on creating engaging experiences and will work closely with you to shape my games to fit your wants and needs. To facilitate this, I keep my tables at a maximum of 5 players so I can provide everyone the attention they deserve. I am a roleplaying focused GM but that doesn't mean I shy away from combat, however, if you are looking for a combat heavy GM, that's not me. I'm born and raised in Finland where I started my TTRPG journey with DnD 3.5e as a teenager. Although I'm from Finland I speak English as my native language and I've lived abroad in Sweden and France! Fantasy is my favorite genre but I love trying out different genres and systems. If you have any questions or concerns before signing up for a session, please contact me through here (button at the top below my profile picture).

GM style

Here's what you can expect from me as a GM: - Multifaceted NPCs brought to life with voice acting and 6+ years of improv theater experience. - Collaborative storytelling where we build the story together as a group which will lead to stories that wouldn't have otherwise been born. - Utilizing VTTs to their fullest with music, visual effects and automation to create an immersive experience. - A mix of serious drama and tragedy, and light hearted comedy. - Shiftin the spotlight from player to player so everyone can have their moments to shine. - Mainly premade adventures so I can focus on creating an immersive experience. - Learning new game systems together with you and teaching you systems I already know.

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