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Hello, I'm Dhis, - the "h" is silent and the "t" is invisible. I'm an Educational Technologist and former speech teacher. By day, I help our teachers use technology to create engaging lessons. And by night, I use my expertise to take my players through immersive worlds filled with rich characters and just a dash of absurdity. Don't know how to play? Then this is a great opportunity to dive in with no judgement. Everyone starts somewhere, let's make your start a fantastic one. LGBT+ affirmed and welcomed. All backgrounds and cultures are welcome as well. Role play is about breathing life into a character in an engaging and interesting world. The way your life is different from mine is what enriches your character and their story. I take all of the player's enjoyment as my highest priority. This means safety tools will be respected. I've had to remove my fair share of toxic players. When it happens, I do so with respect but also confidence. It's important to me that you know that your comfort will be a priority for me. My DM style is not for everyone, so please give it a read and decide for yourself.

GM style

I like providing a complex world with rich characters for your players to bounce around in. Combat serves to boost narrative, so expect secondary objectives and competing interests over crunchier meat-grinder fights. I prefer puzzling NPC's over puzzling rooms. I abhor puzzles that require the player to guess what I, the DM, was thinking. Instead expect puzzles to involve a clear goal with many opportunities to succeed. Are you a low-INT Barbarian that just wants to break the door down? With your party using their skills to assist (and a little luck from the dice) that foe will too fall before you. My plots may involve many complicated and interlocking pieces, but thats to enrich the world, not provide extra homework for my players. Fine tune the machine to your will, or bring it all crashing down. The choice is yours. While I may lightly dabble with voices, I care more about interesting characterization and motivation. If you want to only role-play in third person, that is fine as long as your character makes interesting, even sub-optimal, decisions based on who they are. I like to let the dice tell the story. I roll in the open and may even call for rolls for fairly mundane tasks. These are not opportunities to punish the players, but they help enrich the world. Want to go to the tavern? Roll a D20 to see what the mood is there. Oh, you rolled a 1? Looks like this tavern is being robbed. Saving the barkeep would sure help your group convince him to give you that info you need. Plus, the criminal might have a nice item from another heist. Its not about failure, its about the world being interesting and alive.

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