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About me

Hey there, fellow adventurer! Have a tankard of mead while i tell you a bit more about myself and my journey. Picture this: a young lad, that's me, surrounded by folks who didn't quite get the thrill of TTRPGs. But woah, did I fall head over heels for them. My initiation? A solid Dungeons and Dragons session with my old man over a decade ago. I was hooked, blown away by the freedom it dished out. Who wouldn't want to dive into a world where you could meet X and Y, your favorite characters, cook up wild quests, and dive headfirst into epic battles that could turn your character into a living legend? Fast forward, and here I am, fueled by the need to craft my own fantastical realm, just like my pops did. A place where characters from any and all fictional worlds can collide and converge. Now, let's talk about the games I live for—the ones where the players steer the ship. I absolutely love sandbox games and i am always excited to see and hear the player's joy as they see their character slowly growing in a world with a huge ammount of possibilities. So, grab your dice and join me on a whole new world where the only rule is that there are no rules. Let's make some fantasy stories together!

GM style

As a storyteller at heart, i believe that the heart of the story lies within the characters. I thrive on incorporating character backstories into the narrative, blending individual tales into the overarching epic of the campaign world. Every player's background is not just their history; it's a seed that gives birth to entire arcs of the adventure. No railroaded adventures here! My specialty is adapting the plot to player choices and character development. If you decide your rogue wishes to pursue a noble cause, rest assured i will seamlessly integrate this shift into the ongoing narrative, adding depth and authenticity to the world and your beloved character. Your decisions matter and reshape the world! Player agency is not just encouraged; it's a fundamental aspect of the storytelling experience. Get ready for a truly immersive experience where your character's story is not just written, for i will make absolute sure that it is lived by you.

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