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About me

D&D has been my pastime and my passion for only 3 years, but I've been writing and building stories since I was old enough to speak. Imagination is a powerful tool – made even more so when shared among others. The collaborative storytelling element of TTRPGs had me hooked from my very first session, and I want to share that immersive joy with others. My games are safe, inclusive spaces for everyone. At the moment, I do not plan on charging for sessions. I've run campaigns for first-timers and veteran GMs alike. My latest adventures have been set in a fantasy world of my own creation, but my first foray into GM'ing D&D was an absurd, Borrowers-inspired homebrewed epic taking place in my childhood home, and starring a cast of miniature heroes battling evil at 1-inch scale. I prioritize fun, memorable moments wherein mechanics always serve the story and the characters. Improv and excitement abound (I hope) and creative gameplay is always encouraged. I never take for granted the hours of time my players dedicate to my game, and I'll do my best to make sure your time is spent well. There is no tradition older or more human than telling stories. I hope we can share some together.

GM style

1) Games will be an even mix of roleplay and combat. I encourage players to view combat as just as much of an opportunity to be creative as roleplay. If you can dream up a way to overcome a limitation of your class or character, or innovate your abilities as written, I want to hear it! 2) I never want to say "no" to an idea (within reason, of course). We follow the rules to make sure the game stays on track, but creativity is always rewarded. 3) The game is a game, and there are no easy wins. That said, this is YOUR story, and you should have a great time as you help tell it! Games will not be overly punishing or dour. This is not a character grinder. 4) I encourage everyone to delve deep into their backstories, and step into the shoes of their characters. 5) Voices are welcome! I'll be doing plenty. 6) My games are safe spaces for everyone. I always start by reminding players the topics that have no place at the virtual table: (CW) sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, hate speech and ableism. 7) For better or worse, the TTRPGs I run hinge on physical violence as a mechanic; combat is part of the game. HOWEVER, I will limit descriptions of this violence to the point of preference of my players, and all games will be prefaced with a Session 0 discussing the comfort level of the table with sensitive images. No matter what, my games will NEVER include themes related to: (CW) sexual assault, r*pe, and all the topics listed above.

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