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About me

Hey there adventurer! Are you looking for a new DM/GM? Well look no further as you've found someone who can make each and everyone of those sessions your weekly highlight. 😁 I'm a GM who's always improving, though I consider myself to be at a spot where I'm more than worth your hard earned money! I know that I can make my next campaign better than the last every time as long as I put in the effort. I hope to share that spirit and all the wisdom I've gained from it with *you* to make an amazing experience! Some of my favorite things about running games are the chance to make cool and interesting locations for people to explore, improve on my voice work, get people to fall in love with friendly NPCs or make them hate the antagonistic ones. I'm a longtime GM with experience running and playing games across a variety of systems from the monolithic Dungeons and Dragons to small indie RPG's, even some one page stuff! For about the past year I've also been streaming some of my games on Twitch and uploading the VODS to YouTube which you're more than welcome to check out. I recommend the first session of my main campaign which you can find over here to get a feel for me in game. I have a great cast of players and it's been a blast to get into streaming and recording my games! Most importantly I'm someone who really cares about my games and puts a lot of effort into making them memorable experiences that you never forget about. I put my parties enjoyment first and try to make sure that everyone feels welcome and like there's something here just for them. Additionally as someone who has grown up and lived in and around marginalized communities you can be sure that all of my games are diverse and you can feel comfortable playing with me. TTRPG's are for everybody. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

GM style

In terms of style, I can bounce easily between dramatic narrative heavy games with only occasional high stakes combat and hack and slash dungeon/hex crawls where there's always another monster lurking around the next corner for you to test your magic and metal against. I typically employ battlemaps for combat and theater of the mind for any other things. I bring my games to life with strong character work, voice acting, world building, custom content, and whatever ideas you want to bring into the mix. My "default" tends to be somewhere in the middle, stretches of roleplay sessions punctuated by dungeons with multiple sessions of dungeon crawl and combat. I'm particularly adept at running one-shots and spent a lot of time practicing that aspect of my game, but my bread and butter are long campaigns where we can build up the story of an amazing party full of character growth.


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