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About me

Howdy from the City of San Antonio, Texas. My name is Opossum, and I have been a Game Master for about 7 years. Ttrpgs have been a main staple in my life for almost a decade and I have been evolving with the scene since I first started playing dungeons and dragons 5e back in highschool. I have went to the wringer of Bad, cool, completed, and ongoing campaign (half of which I have personally GMed); as such I want to bring my experience to players old and new. I want not just a murder sess with Caves and Kobolds, but to bring games to those looking for inhabited settings, flushed out rules, horrors, and sometimes some really dumb fun. Unofficially, I have written many campaigns, campaign settings, and have play tested most of them with good results. Officially, I have access to a lot of modern DND 5e books as well as some for Pathfinder 2e, VTM, and Monster of the week. Here are the DND 5e books I could run as well: Curse of Strahd, Tyranny of Dragons, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, Candlekeep Mysteries, Storm King's Thunder, Ghost of Saltmarsh, as well as the Icespire starter pack for new players.

GM style

I have been around the block when it comes to games. In general, my sessions have many opportunities for roleplay; especially as I fill in the world for my players with backgrounds, funny voices, NPC names(incase I want to give them consequences for murdering ransom people), to even doing in campaign romance if they are okay with it. I reward creativity, character consistency, as well as strategy even when it foils my plans. As for combat, I also love it as well, and have made MANY things for players to use in my campaigns for the action economy to deal with the very scary things I throw at them. Acting as a good segway, most of my campaigns involve the following: horror, intrigue, drama, survival, strategy, and many genres created by those following. As a GM I specialize in planning, descriptions, improvisation, narration, and storytelling. I have a few requirements: -no chaotic evil characters -Don't be hostile to the rest of the players -If you have any problems, don't hide them and message me, I'm always willing to listen. -Don't be hateful, I will not tolerate any homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, and others of those elk. -If you can't make it to sessions, don't be afraid to say so, the game will be here for later, take real issues first please. Here are some general topics warnings for my Homebrew campaign, and especially the official ones: -fantasy racism -xenophobia -violence -body horror -psychological horror -religious horror -economic instability -economic warfare -death -child death -descriptions of torture -accounts of abuse


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