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Juan Apolinário

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About me

I'm Juan, a Brazilian GM, 32 years old. I have over 15 years of experience running games, and I've been doing this for a living for the past 4 years. I don't have the "Player vs. GM" mentality; I'm here to see how the adventurers succeed in their tasks. But victory is sweeter when we have to overcome hard obstacles. I'm not saying I'm the "Dark Souls" of TTRPGs, but I tend to put challenging yet winnable scenarios in front of my players. Pathfinder 2e is my favorite game system since its release. I have successfully run Fall of Plaguestone, Extinction Curse, Agents of Edgewatch, Crown of the Kobold King, Malevolence, and I'm currently running Abomination Vaults and Kingmaker.

GM style

I tend to adapt to what the group wants. I love to improvise, to make voices, to roll with the punches that the players throw at me. PF2e is my favorite system because of the crunch, because of how tactical we can get. I usually ask players to describe what they are doing. How do they cast that fireball? Did it come out of their hand or their mouth? Did the fighter predict the enemy's moves, and did they use that in order to crit? If the group wants to rush and finish the dungeon as quickly as possible, we can play it like a pure war game. 'Enemy turn. First action, attack. Second and third, movement. Who is next?' If the group wants to roleplay everything, we can find RP venues anywhere. Even in an empty dungeon with nothing but traps and puzzles, we can have tons of flashback moments, intra-party drama, and whatnot.

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