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Clinton J. Boomer
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About me

Hi! I'm novelist & Ennie-award-winning game designer Clinton J. Boomer, creator of: -- the 'Team Murderhobo' tweets -- the 'First Team Dossier' series -- Eve of Dreams & the AWAKE -- STREETS ARE FIGHT!!! -- Uber Alles: The Occult Masked Resistance of Nazi-Occupied London -- Splintered Godhood -- The Hole Behind Midnight -- Coliseum Morpheuon ... and co-creator of: -- Bloodlines & Black Magic -- Twists of Obscenity: Esoterica of the Baali -- The D&D PHB PSAs (on YouTube) -- the Hellcrashers setting I want to run something deeply fun & weird for you, with high-octane, adrenaline-fueled, action-horror adventure laid VERY carefully over an artisanal mélange of heartfelt joy, righteous fury, and mind-bending head-trip.

GM style

Okay, so let's talk shop. I wanna run a game -- tell a story, actually, together with you -- that interests me. I want it to have emotional depth and mystery and suspense and action. I want moments of hilarious levity. I want moments of sheer terror. I want it to be quotable, memorable, meme-able (assuming that's a word), and many other things besides. I want you to really ENJOY being a part of this story, and to make it your own.


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