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About me

An experienced GM with a wide variety of interests, I am excited to use StartPlaying to run games for which I have difficulty finding an IRL group. I have been running games for about 10 years and am always excited to try new systems! As someone who enjoys both roleplaying and combat, my games balance both. For my day job, I am a history and english professor. I have a master's degree in Medieval Studies and have done research on the impact of roleplaying games on the cultural imaginary of the Middle Ages. While I prefer medievalist settings, I also love modern and science fiction settings! At the core of every roleplaying game is a human experience, and that translates across time and space.

GM style

I strive to create a player-centered, balanced RPG experiences. Rules are an important tool for players to express their agency within the game and shouldn't be simply discarded. However, when rules obstruct enjoyable play, they should be ignored. I enjoy a crunchy, rules-heavy game, but it needs to be in service of players realizing their character's goals. My games employ vivid description and deeply human characters. People are often contradictory and passionate, and these types of characters are great for theatre and tabletop. They are essential for creating a dynamic and believable world.


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