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About me

Since my days in middle school, I've had a love for taking a story idea and following it to see where it goes. The long story short is that when I discovered tabletop role playing games several years ago, it quickly became my favourite hobby. Not only could I provide plot threads and say "What if," but I could do so outside of an echo chamber. It's a special experience, moulding a story with others. Aside from that, I've loved strategy for a long time, so providing players with combat encounters that make them think is a strong second love. My ideal story is one that sits at the point where various emotions collide. A combat fought in defense of a town means more when we've seen what peace looks like. A joke told is more fulfilling when it is the hidden sweetness in the spice of drama. My favourite stories are those that don't focus on comedy or the serious, but use them to strengthen each other; much as each player at the table can build on interactions to create a fuller experience.

GM style

My games are a fairly even mixture of roleplay, combat, and non-combat encounters. Now, that doesn't mean each session will have all elements. I've had sessions that were largely combat, and on the other end I've had a session that was entirely roleplay. Literally no die rolls, just several hours of conversation. My favourite stories are like that, and I feel everything holds more weight when properly juxtaposed. On that note, things do get silly, but they also get serious. Characters may be lost, and that makes victory more special. I do voices for characters (often intentionally or accidentally slipping into characters at my full-time job, much to the amusement of my coworkers). That said, I expect no such thing from my players. They are welcome to enjoy the game in the way they want. If you just want to say "My character says this," that's totally valid. Not everyone has to go crazy with it. I have never run a prewritten adventure. Always homebrew. I have a lot of stories I wish to invite others to help me tell.

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