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About me

Hello! My name is Louis, although I tend to go by LOUigi in most settings. My pronouns are He/They, I am 22 years old, and I have been DMing for about 3-4 years now. I mainly play D&D 5e, however I have experience playing Pathfinder 2e, and am interested in checking out new TTRPGs and platforms to play them on. I pride myself on hosting a very inclusive and open space for players to express themselves and feel safe. For context, I am a gay afro-latino man, and so TTRPG spaces can be toxic at times, not to mention for femme-presenting individuals, and so I want to create campaigns where people can feel safe and escape from the (let's be honest) horrors of reality. I am big into communication being key, and so my DMs are always open, and I will take your comments/requests in good faith because my main priority is that my players be happy and enjoying themselves. This can range from a change in language used during session when referring to certain topics to even changing classes/subclasses. I will do my best to tie that in story/plot-wise, but I care less about your character's gameplay mechanics as long as you the player are enjoying playing them. If this sounds like a space for you, feel free to reach out, and I would love to have you!

GM style

I love good roleplay and seeing my players interact with each other. I tend to have discord channels related to outside-of-game questions people may have about everyone's characters, such as "If your character would be any other class, what would they be?" I find that these questions are good to flesh out minute details about characters, and helps the party grow closer to each other and their characters. I do also enjoy some good combat scenarios- I try to keep my combat fresh and fun, but I am also not an expert, so bear with me as sometimes I may spend time troubleshooting an encounter to make it fair but challenging. I am a beginner at voices, and so I do not tend to do voices, but I am attempting to expand my repertoire and make better use of voices in my campaigns.


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