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About me

Hello! I'm Kaazz (Kris). I was born and raised in the Northern Nevada area. After several sojurns across the country, I returned to the area so I could be closer to family. After playing my first AD&D game over 30 years ago, I was hooked. In my youth, I spent all my allowances and any other money I could earn purchasing AD&D 2nd Edition, Rifts, Recon, Vampire, Shadowrun, and almost any other RPG book I could get my hands on. It always seemed the biggest challenge was always getting the players to be able to make it to the table. VTT looks like it solved that issue by bringing the table to everyones home. I am super excited to be the voice that builds a world for you through our imaginations. I like to run audio through my discord server and use a cloud hosted Foundry VTT for the tabletop. Join me in The Impossible Lands Discord

GM style

I love creating immersive worlds filled with unique characters. I will do my best to attempt special voices for each individual NPC. I like a good balance between role playing and combat. I try to have combat move smoothly between players and the GM. I prefer to have fast combat without a lot of in-table discussion on what the next player will be attempting in order to keep the adventure moving and fun. Roleplaying can take the entire session if the players deem it worthy with included comedy, storytelling and The Rule of Cool. I bring an all inclusive safe table with no one feeling left out or unsafe. I don't really like railroading or sticking to a set path even with a set module. Its a bit of a challenge, but trips across the world or to astral space are always a good time!

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