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About me

I am Michael, 34, he/him - although I prefer to go by Chrono online. I've been playing tabletop games almost exclusively on virtual tabletops since 5e's release, embracing the playground provided by the relationship between players and the GM. I've been running RPGs on virtual tabletops since 2016, starting with 5e on Roll20. I've had a consistent group of friends and players since that time, gradually expanding into new territory by GMing for a group of people that were strangers to me at the start. Currently, I am most enamored with running Pathfinder 2e on Foundry VTT, which I feel is one of the best systems paired with the best online platform for it. Both the premium modules Paizo is putting out and the extraordinarily well made volunteer modules add immensely to the player's experience. I am free most of the time I am not playing or running a game, so I am always happy to answer any questions my players have. I'm always happy to get a message about my games, be it questions, positive reviews, or criticism! Anything I can do to help make the player experience better.

GM style

I love to delve into character work with my players, and offer as many chances as possible for roleplaying and major decisions, providing challenging and fair combat, and making sure the theme of every adventure I run shines through. When running a premade adventure, I do the best I can to have encounters play out in a way that reflects choices made thus far, and not just stick to the text as written if it no longer makes sense. I also enjoy taking player characters and suggesting potential ties to elements of the adventure. I like to make sure that players get a consistent experience, focusing on applying rules equally to all sides. It's also important to recognize what is appropriate in each system - in a system like Masks or Wicked Ones, players are not under threat unless they choose to be - while Pathfinder 2e' combat would be cheapened if players knew that the GM would step in to save them anytime they were in a terrible spot. Beyond that, I know how easy it is to make a mistake, so I have a rule - if I make a mistake in the favor of players, it stays. If I make a mistake that hurts the players, I will revert it. My goal, no matter what, is to make sure all of my players are having a good time.

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