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About me

Hail and well-met adventurer! I'm Chris, a FULL-TIME Game Master (GM) here on focusing on my passion: Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). For over 29 years, the fun of leading the heroic good guys through adventure and endless possibilities therein has drawn me to D&D. Let's build an epic cooperative story together! I look forward to sharing my excitement about playing D&D with you!

GM style

My favorite prompt for players is, "What is your character thinking?" 🗣️ Roleplay - expect roleplaying at my table in a rich, immersive, and dynamic world. Imagine if YOU were in the situation of your character. What is your character thinking? Player cheers to, "Let's roll for initiative!" ⚔️Combat: D&D is a combat-oriented game. Expect it to be significant that it can change the course of the story, for good or bad. I'm tactically minded and love running minor skirmishes to massive hordes with boss battles. Winning isn't guaranteed, as I set up encounters to be challenging. My favorite prompt for players is, "Where do we go from here?" 🧭Exploration: The great big world is where the adventure happens. Expect a mix of roleplay, skill challenges, to possible side quests to explore the world. 📣I'm your character's biggest fan after you! 🤝🏾Play D&D with a cooperative team-based framework. 🆕 I encourage new players and veterans too. 🎵Curated music, ambiance, and sound effects 💻Owlbear Rodeo is an effortless Virtual Table Top (VTT). 📖Great storytelling. 🧔🏽Interesting NPCs in a vibrant, dynamic world. 🏫Experienced DM with masters-level knowledge of the rules. 🔦Everyone has a chance to shine. 🛃I love supporting 3rd party and independent creators. 🙋🏻‍♀️Choices matter; for your character and the world around them. 🙌🏻Open your imagination and let D&D in. 🦺A safe play environment for all minorities What my players say: "Tonight was the first night of our campaign together, and I must admit that Chris knocked it out of the park." - said Roxanne. "Chris gently encourages roleplay but doesn't punish players who aren't comfortable with it." - said Jen. "Amazingly character-driven content and wonderfully delivered!" - Charlie. "I am a new player, and Chris helped me get ready for the game and created an enjoyable, safe game environment" - Victoria. "He is a genuinely a good guy. He is LGBTQ+ inclusive and always looks out for his players." - said Alexander. "I can't recommend him enough to everyone." - said, Stephan. Let's get together and play some D&D!


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