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About me

Welcome, adventurer! So you want to learn a bit more about me? Well, let's see... Online, I usually go by Witch - bit of a personal thing. I'm told the French accent is still thick enough that it comes through clearly. I'm taking my players' word for it. I was playing AD&D before Wizards ever thought of creating the Third Edition. There, that should give everyone an idea of both how long I've been into roleplaying games and how old I am! Game mastering came a bit later though - back in rural France and before the age of the Internet, it was quite hard to find people to play with and learn game mastering from, funnily enough. As a player, I've got some experience with GURPS, D20 Modern, and Vampire. But as a game master, I've chosen to focus on D&D. I enjoy creating situations for my players and their characters' personalities to shine through. I mainly bring people to my world though I've been known to run mini-campaigns on the Sword Coast or Eberron. On the tech side, I run my online games using Foundry VTT and theatre of the mind. And I make sure those not familiar with Foundry have my help as and when needed. Currently running three ongoing campaigns, including a West Marshes style one called Adventurers Inc. Oh, you've seen one of Myriani's ads? Well, come this way. I'm sure we can find her or Foster so they can give you a quick tour...

GM style

I do favour roleplay over rollplay. I sometimes use the rule of cool and inspiration to rewards those players. But I try to welcome every type of players at my tables. I try to strike a good balance between social and combat encounters, with a bit of exploration and puzzle solving thrown in for diversity.

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