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About me

Hi! Welcome, stranger and potential friend! I know your time is valuable, so I'll start with The Most Important Thing: I work hard to make my games as safe and inclusive as possible. I've had the experience of being The Only Girl at the Table. In a game featuring vampires and other supernatural creatures, I've been told that I can't play a warrior or a scholar because that's "not realistic." I've had the experience of playing in games where the only female NPCs were barmaids. I've also been queerbaited and/or played in games that only featured same sex relationships as fantasies for the rest of the players or as punchlines. It's my goal to make my games the EXACT OPPOSITE of those experiences by creating an environment where marginalized players can be themselves and see themselves in the games they play. My adventure in the wild world of professional GMing began with a misfortune. I was on the path to being a lifelong academic when I caught Covid during the first wave. I was seriously ill. I spent a great deal of time in bed and a great deal of time recovering. Those long, empty days gave me a lot of time to think about my major life decisions. Ultimately, it was this self-examination that led me here! Needless to say, my fun with TTRPGs began well before my foray into academia. I started playing Vampire the Masquerade when I was only 13 years old! I ran my first VtM game shortly after I became a player. In addition to VtM, I've been both player and storyteller for Werewolf, Changeling, Hunter, and Wraith- with a little D&D and Monster of the Week sprinkled in for good measure. I'm also a lifelong horror fan. When I'm not consuming horror via film, I like to read EC comics and bad horror/pulp novels! I've linked my IG and my Discord, so come hang out with me on the socials!

GM style

I'm a horror fan, so all of my games emphasize supernatural horror. I was also a theater kid, so I do voices, accents and all, for NPCs and I encourage my players to do so as well! We're all hear to have fun, so let's make it happen!


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