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Hello! I'd love to create a world in a genre and style that is to the liking of you and the players! I'm flexible to the wants and needs of you and your friends! I run adventures ranging from Sci-Fi Spelljammer to grounded low-magic drama, all created hand in hand together with the players. Anything is possible: - Want an underwater adventure in the plane of water? - Want to be on the run in a daring survival game where you escape the law? - Want to kill a god? If you are interested in a story worth your time, hit me up! If you want to get a feeling of what I am like as a DM you can contact me on Discord: A Bit of Bliss#7219 or here on! Homebrew is a must, Rule of Cool is the way forward and im always prepared if the unthinkable happens! I'm open to criticism, want to learn, and hope to deliver!

GM style

* I want a safe environment for everyone. Being comfortable and learning as we go. Homophobia, racism, ableism, transphobia, or hate speech will not be tolerated. * I always Integrate player backstories, working on characters together, and building a story that is enjoyable + badass is my main objective. *Rule of Cool is more important than being a rule's lawyer, a great story concept will go further than a damage build at my table!

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