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About me

💛🤍25 - NB - New MN Resident 💜🖤 Feel free to join the discord ahead of booking any games: I am a storyteller above all else, and there is nothing that would bring me more joy then getting to share the skills I developed over the years with new players! ~ Unique Features ~ Rule of Cool: Nobody comes away from a game raving about having played perfectly by the rules. When in doubt, err on the side of the players getting to do something amazing! Homebrew Wizard: I would love to work with you on that custom ancestry you have been dreaming about, or that weapon that is not quite in the book. Making something new is my greatest joy. Game night!: All of my players will be invited to our once monthly game night, where we will play party games and get to know each other outside of game! ~ Content Warnings ~ Pre-game conversation may include discussions of personal details, sexual content, or just general life stuff! Your engagement level should always be determined by your own comfort. Here is a short list of content that will NEVER be in my games: - Sexual assault I do not use ChatGPT, MidJourney, or and other AI software. I have no statement on Player use of such services. Profile by “makowka character maker II“!

GM style

What you can expect with me as your GM!: 🎭 Engaging supporting cast! 🎶 Personalized playlists. 🧚Character driven stories. 🗡️ Story driven combat & tactical scenarios 🗺️Animated & inspiring maps for in and out of combat! 🔕 'Hey listen!' - Tools to assist quiet players take center stage. Fanfiction tags that have been applied to my campaigns: - Hurt/Comfort - Villain Romance - Enemies to Lovers - Happy Ending / Bittersweet Ending Most of my games will be a 70/30 mix. 70% RP, character driven actions, emotional plot and 30% combat.


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