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About me

Hi! My name is Andromeda, and I've been playing pen-and-paper TTRPGs since about 2009, and computer versions like Neverwinter Nights or adventure books like A Spy In Isengard (also known as the origin of the image for that "pondering my orb" meme) for even longer. I love roleplaying and I love the fun nitty-gritty of rules interaction, and I'm firmly of the opinion that those two don't have to be mutually exclusive or even opposed to each other. The main things I'm running at the moment are Lancer and D&D 5e, but I have experience with games ranging from Pathfinder 1e and 2e to Powered by the Apocalypse games like Monster of the Week and Armour Astir: Advent, and I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting systems. Ask me about the Bonus Action Spell Rule in dnd5e and why it doesn't mean what everyone thinks it means.

GM style

I love a good combat encounter, finding fun rules interactions, the crunch that comes together to make something awesome, but I think too often people think that has to come at the expense of the "roleplaying" part of tabletop roleplaying game. Rules are fun to play with, and also they're something we can use to *support* roleplaying. I've been described by my players as being very detail oriented. I love to build worlds, think about the small things; I also love to find the perfect map for an encounter, find the perfect build to fit a character idea. I don't always succeed, but there's a lot of fun in trying, and I enjoy watching how things evolve over time; no concept survives contact with the table, but seeing how they change as they bounce off other players is awesome. I'm also a pretty good improviser, if I may be less than humble for a moment--whether it's coming up with a new mechanic on the spot to account for account for accidental arson (don't worry, they saved everyone) or improvising lore on divorce proceedings when a PC split from their NPC husband. Yes, those are both real examples, and my players told me later that they didn't even realize I was making up the mechanics and lore on the spot, which I'm especially proud of. That said, sometimes you just have to call for a five-minute break so that you can figure out what happens next, when the players *really* stump you. Most of all, I try to adapt my style to the group I'm playing with, whether that's social intrigue, dungeon delving, planet-hopping heroics, or something else altogether.

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