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About me

Hello! Over the last decade I've been running tabletop games in bars, at conventions, in the lounge rooms of all of my friends, and online. I was first introduced to D&D by a family friend whose campaign had been running for over 20 years, and seeing the incredible world they'd all created inspired me to start running games of my own as soon as I could. I love how collaborative and flexible TTRPGs can be, and how two groups can surprise you with how differently they approach the same adventure. I like to run games with a strong hook or core concept. Here are some of my favourite kinds of campaigns to run: - low stakes cozy fantasy (shopkeeper adventures, townbuilder campaigns, etc.) - dramatic and Gothic dark fantasy (especially with undead and monstrous PCs) - high concept adventures ("X meets Y", classic action movie concepts, parody and weirdness) I'm based in the tropics of northern Australia, but I run games at all hours of the day. If you'd like to hear some of my work, I have been the GM for most seasons of the Real Fantasy Encounters actual play podcast at I have extensive GM experience with games like Lancer, Masks, D&D and Pathfinder, Blades In The Dark, Spire/Heart, and Mork Borg, as well as my own Gothic horror medical drama TTRPG Bloodclotte and my isekai themed fantasy comedy game This World Summons Too Many Heroes!!

GM style

I'm a GM who invests in roleplay, providing character voices and banter, but this is underpinned by a good understanding of effective combat that uses the environment and goes beyond the standard "bonking each other back and forth". It's important to me that players have the opportunity to alter the story, whether that is as out-of-character suggestions that get incorporated into the world or as plot choices that the players get to make. I like to throw to one or two players at a time, moving the spotlight around so that everyone gets to have their memorable moments with their characters. I use FoundryVTT by default and build maps in Dungeondraft. I also like to include interstitial cards and backdrops to keep players visually engaged during roleplay scenes. I avoid riddles and puzzles, preferring to set out environmental challenges with no one clear solution to see how the party reacts and what they can creatively come up with.


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