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About me

I've been running TTRPGs for the better part of 15 years now, getting my feet wet with Call of Cthulhu and D&D 3e, but most of that has been spent on D&D 5e. I picked up AD&D 1e on a whim last year to see how it played and fell in love with it; I don't plan on looking back. While not an exhaustive list, some other systems I've enjoyed running include Pathfinder 2e, Soulbound, Dark Heresy 2e, and D&D 4e. In my personal life, I'm a husband and father of two, so when it came time to pick which of my various hobbies would become "my" hobby, I decided it'd be running TTRPGs, given the breadth of potential (and realized) content. Feel free to book me for any of the following games: - AD&D 1e - Cities Without Number - Dark Heresy - Pathfinder 2e - Soulbound - Stars Without Number - Worlds Without Number - Wrath & Glory You can also pitch a system to me, I may be willing to learn and run it for you.

GM style

I'm more of a gamist, preferring rules over rulings where possible. The hierarchy goes: (#1) I love the game. (#2) I love the players. (#3) I respect the rules. Rules are there so you can gauge your chances in different scenarios. Rules allow both players and GMs to improve at the game. Rulings are great for all the ways a player can be creative that aren't covered by the rules. I respect the dice, reading them like oracle bones. I do not fudge rolls. In many cases, I will announce the number needed to roll to succeed and what the penalty for failure will be. I don't often do character voices, generally keeping that to specific people or groups, or even just as the mood strikes me, but I can still converse as an NPC. My games tend to be sandboxes with a larger metaplot to work towards while also including various hooks and rumors for other adventures. Players have a high level of control in the type of content that appears, even if they're not privy to specifics.

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