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About me

Hello, Adventurer. I have been GMing games for about 25 years. I get to play as well, but I prefer to GM. I feel like I provide a great play experience, and I'd like to share that with people outside my circle of friends. I like to run dynamic worlds that respond believably to players' actions. I also like to create compelling hooks and mysteries to draw players into exciting situations. And I enjoy playing enemies you love to hate, that feel satisfying to defeat. I look forward to meeting you. Cheers, GM Ken aka AmeritrashPanda

GM style

My typical campaigns are what I would call “character focused sandboxes”. There is no “main plot”, the world will continue on in your character’s absence, and it’s up to the group to decide what to do and what things to engage with. That said, there will be plenty to engage with, and much of it will be connected to your character, their backstory, and the decisions you make. There will be plenty going on, in fact, there will always be "too much" going on, meaning, you won't be able to solve every problem, and so you will need to decide what is most important to you. There will be tough calls, and situations with no right answer. Often, you will need to make a decision with less than a complete understanding of the situation, and just deal with the fallout. You can often get what you want, but there will almost certainly be a cost (be suspicious if there is no obvious upfront cost). I love intrigue and drama. If you get invested in your character, we will definitely have a lot of fun going through their trials and tribulations. Your setbacks will be devastating, and your victories all the sweeter for it.

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