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About me

Welcome Adventurers! 🧙‍♂️ My name is Alexander, your potential Dungeon Master ready to guide you through epic tales and thrilling quests in the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. With a passion for storytelling and a knack for creating immersive experiences, I’ve been navigating the realms of tabletop RPGs for 2 years and honing my skills as a Dungeon Master for just as long. During this time, I’ve crafted a homebrew campaign that has captivated players for 1.5 years, weaving intricate plots and dynamic characters into a world brimming with adventure. Whether you prefer the tried-and-true mechanics of strict 5e rules or the creative freedom of homebrew elements, I am flexible and eager to adapt to your preferences. I believe that every campaign is a unique journey, and I’m committed to bringing your story to life, no matter where it leads. Let's embark on a memorable adventure together and create legends that will be told for years to come. Ready to roll the dice and dive into your next great adventure? Let’s get started! Tools for a Seamless Adventure 🛠️ -Virtual Tabletop: Owlbear Rodeo -Communication: Discord with a music bot for setting the mood -Encounter Tracking: DND Beyond encounter generator If you have suggestions or a preferred software, I’m happy to accommodate and learn! Let's make our adventure unforgettable! 🎲🌟

GM style

Story-Driven Adventures 📜 I love to make the game about a great story first. D&D is about telling cool stories, and making the game as immersive as possible is part of that. I focus on storytelling first, but balance gameplay equally between dialogue, exploration, and combat. Homebrew Rules for a Smoother Experience ⚔️ For D&D 5e, I have some homebrew rules that I’ve found successful and smooth. Of course, you don't have to use these, and we can go by the book if you prefer, but here's what I like: -Potions & Poisons: Drinking potions/applying poisons as bonus actions. -Spells: Casting Misty Step and a leveled spell in the same turn because it's just too cool not to allow. -Inspiration & Luck: Stackable inspiration points for advantage and lucky points for rerolls (inspired by Baldur's Gate 3). -Simplified Food Consumption: 1 ration consumed during long rests to measure food consumption. Your Fun is Paramount 🎉 By FAR the most important thing for me is you having fun. If there's a rule you want to change or something you prefer to include, let's make it happen. It's a fantasy game, and the objective is fun. So if you want something done differently, that is more important. Let's create a memorable adventure together!

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