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About me

I've been a GM for over three years now. I've done many campaigns, weaving complex official DnD storylines together with my own bit of personal flair. I've also done a number of one shots and one page dungeons. These last ones can be the most fun as they often differ dramatically and put players in some very unusual situations. I'm available for hire for a group that wants to run the Curse of Strahd Campaign. Price and days of play negotiable. For sessions, I primarily use tabletop simulator to create some elaborate 3d dungeons and then I stream the feed to a zoom channel where players make decisions for their characters and interact. A dnd beyond account is a good accessory to have, but not necessary if you have some other way to keep track of a 5E character.

GM style

I usually use humor and levity to break things that get too serious, and I love teaching new players DnD. I enjoy doing voices and appreciate it when players do voices and get into character. Using your character's personality, bond, and flaws to add depth to your character is good way to get inspiration points with me. In any given situation, don't ask yourself what you would do. Instead, ask yourself what your character would do.

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