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Avery Bluestein

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About me

Howdy y'all! Reading this means that you have stumbled on my intro page. Let me take a minute to tell you a little bit about myself: I have GMed for a good number of years and I have run multiple games at a time. I have also run college clubs with over 60 members and an average of 6-8 games per day. I enjoy homebrewing and making new worlds for everyone to play in and I have gotten really good feedback on both. The main reason I chose to begin hosting paid games is that I love the game and I want to play more. I also want players who are dedicated to playing the game and I expect that I will be able to find such players on this site.

GM style

I am a rather technical GM when it comes to combat and rules. I see the rules laid out as more of the physics of the universe rather than anything else. I also have a set of rules that I use for playing, some of them are reminders, some of them are custom rules, all of which will be laid out for every player. When it comes to RP/combat, I tend toward massive combat for a session and a few sessions of RP. I do love it when my players "break the game". I want them to create unique and powerful characters and I want them to exploit the official systems and my homebrew systems as much as they are able. if they can deal 5k+ damage (real example) in a single turn, I want them to do it, at least once. In the end, I don't want to let any players die, but I can't stop a nat20 from destroying a player or 2. It's sad, but it happens.

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