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About me

My name's Aaron, hailing from the county of Lincolnshire, UK. I have played tabletop games for 6 years through family friends and previous paid gigs for DMing. From D&D to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or homebrew custom games I have experienced and run many instances of long-form campaigns, one-shot sessions and roleplay scenarios. I first discovered my capability as a DM, homebrewer and creative within the tabletop scene from a long-running campaign which started during my time in college, this one campaign has lasted almost 4 years (and counting) alongside multiple other campaigns with other scenarios, storylines and mechanics (using a host of homebrewed content like a set of Survival rules, a settlement building system, an attempt to fix martial-caster disparity in combat, and a lot of monsters, spells, feats, items, races, and subclasses. And that's without mentioning all of the third-party content).

GM style

My style is versatile, I can work with just about anything. I prefer balanced games- a good amount of exploration, combat, puzzles, and social interaction, combining them at times for a bit of spice. My favourite thing in any game is, by far, players doing interesting things with items or abilities or spells that I didn't account for. Although a little annoying when it skips an entire encounter, I like to encourage thinking outside of the box as they always lead to the most badass moments of any campaign. I am a serial homebrewer. I need no prompting to make something new, but if you mention that you wish there was a subclass that did "X", or how you'd like a race that has "Y" themes and abilities, I will show up the next week with that thing made. I homebrew everything: monsters (like the Illitharachnid, a mind flayer spider to haunt all of your nightmares), spells (like Chaos, for if you want to roll for everything it could do), races (like the I'Tek-Ur, giant bug people), subclasses (Like the Way of the Searing Serpent/Typhoon Tiger/Topaz Tortoise/Maelstrom Monkey, complete with a set of magic items and questline!), and settings (Like Thymerius, the world I've been working on for 4 years; or Origos, a post-apocalyptic world where the main goal is to survive; or Annexia, a world in which you are the world-conquering villains). But none of this means my world is just my world, I make the base and let the players build the world around them, then fill in the gaps where they leave them. Whatever your concept, with a bit of tweaking to my world or your idea, we can make it fit. And fit well.

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