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Welcome to 9th Level Games hosted online TTRPGs at StartPlaying! We are an indie tabletop publishing house known for our unique blend of humor, playability, and willingness to try new things. We focus on bringing fun, great looking, great playing games to your table! Here at StartPlaying, we host live games of our best TTRPGs. From the cult classic beer & pretzels roleplaying game Kobolds Ate My Baby! to a range of titles designed using our award-winning POLYMORPH SYSTEM, our online TTRPGs are fast to learn, easy to play, and always exciting, innovative, and very, very funny. Whether you are new to roleplaying or a seasoned lover of dungeon-ing and dragon-ing looking for something a little different, our one-shots have lots for you to enjoy. Polymorph games feature a unique dice mechanic: each player character is represented by a single polyhedral die. Whenever you do anything in the game, you always roll “your die.” There is NEVER any math involved (no modifiers, no masters), and the GM never rolls dice. Want to know more? Join one of our FREE Learn to Play sessions and we'll teach you everything! All online TTRPGs hosted by us are GMed by our staff of expert GMs—in fact, sometimes even the person who designed the game! We staff games on a rolling basis, depending on GM availability. If you'd like to know a little bit more about who's hosting your session, send us a message and we'll let you know!

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