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Rafael Biondo

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About me

Hi! I'm a music producer and game designer from são paulo, Brazil. I've been gming for 11 years, everything from B/X DnD to monster of the week, shadowrun, blades in the dark, ALIEN, DCC, Vampire, call of cthulhu, Star wars FFG and much more. I love hepling people create stories that they will really care about. I always use safety tools.

GM style

I Have a more cinematic style, focused on character development and the world's they inhabit. My key skills are improvisation and taking the ideas presented by the players, then weaving them back on to the narrative, building a story and world that's tailored for the interests of each table in a living, breathing maelstrom of ideas and passions shared by the group. Sound is a crucial part of playing ttrpgs for me.

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