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I'm a long time roleplayer and GM and have been running games for 15 years. All of my games have been long term ones running on average 12 months and each one has their own wild stories and curveballs that I didn't expect from the players! I've run a bunch of different systems over the years and love creating worlds and telling stories. There's nothing I love more than seeing the characters who started out grow and change throughout the story and the world as they discover it. My style of running games is from a cooperative storytelling approach and is very player centric. I incorporate player backstories and motivations into the games I run and allow their actions to shape the world as they interact with it, which when running a module can lead to it going very differently than written! I generally run more relaxed games based more on roleplay and combat than puzzle solving but am more than willing to change it up based on player interest. All my games are LGBTQ+ friendly. My general rate for games is $15 per player per session for a 3-4 hour session or $5 per player per hour for marathon sessions. For certain systems (D&D 3.5, Pathfinder 1E, etc) I do charge an additional $5 per person per session due to the work required to keep the game balanced and running smoothly (this will always be noted from the beginning on the game page and not brought up as a surprise later!). If you're looking for a DM send me a message, I'm always happy to get people into the hobby! Currently Available to run: Monday 6-10 PM EST Tuesday 6-10 PM EST Thursday 6-10 PM EST Saturday (All day) Sunday (All day) Systems Run & Played: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons 4th Dungeons & Dragons 5th Starfinder Dark Heresy Rogue Trader Deathwatch Shadowrun Numenera Robotech The Strange Star Wars Saga Star Wars Age of Rebellion Star Wars Edge of the Empire Star Wars Force and Destiny Systems Played: Apocalypse World Battlelords Engine Heart Microscope Mutants and Masterminds Paranoia Pathfinder 1E Savage Worlds

GM style

I run player centric games that incorporates player backstory into the overarching story and allow for player choices to shape the world and story as it unfurls. There's nothing I love more than seeing how player actions change the world as they move through it! I tend to run more exploration and combat focused games with puzzles being more on the lighter side of things with multiple possible solutions and ways to overcome the challenge.

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