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About me

I was in the 5th grade in 1983. I had started this year in a new school in a new state. I was AQUARD to say the least. I am much better now... (insert laughter here) I saw some kids in a group and I wanted to join. They said i could not. They were playing Dungeons and Dragons and i did not know how to play. At my insistence my mother took me to a hobby store. I got this red basic DnD book. I spent that first weekend, reading, highlighting, and learning all i could. I had no idea how much my life was about to change. I know that may sound dramatic but it has forever changed my type of friends, and has taken up significant amounts of my time, energy and money. My first convention was Gen Con/Origins in Geneva WI and I have been doing a lot of conventions ever since. I still have that Red book by the way. It also happens to be in the worst condition in my collection; the highlighting has faded, the page edges are dirty and the cover has been missing for a long time now. It has been well read and loved. I now enjoy the occasional game of battletech and a variety of board games. I think most of the role playing games I really enjoy are fatalistic. Basically you going to die. That gives us warhammer 40K role playing (where society or the military kills you, don't blame the god-emperor your just a small inconsequential cog in the human war machine), Paranoia (where the computer or other players kill you, you traitorous mutant scum) and Vampire the Masquerade (the other players plot your downfall from the very beginning).

GM style

I love RP so you character will need to have goals and a personality. Do not worry Ill help you set this up. There will be BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) and minions to fight as soon as the party decides to stick up their head and get noticed. If a few of the players decide to go off and do something else, that is fine. You can only actively play one character at a time but having multiple characters in the world is always entertaining. Some of my longer lasting games players will have a few NPC's in the world who are doing their own thing. I think it funny having a player walk into a bar and talk to their other characters. You may need to play both sides of a conversation. I spend a lot of time developing a rich wonderful world full of adventure and intrigue for my players to explore.

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