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About me

Hello, I'm Chance. I have been playing TTRPGs of one sort or another for better than 30 years (most of that as a GM). What started out as a hobby to entertain a small group of close friends in my basement with a D&D boxed set has turned into a lifelong love of storytelling and a desire to meet like-minded people! I have spun stories around great heroes known throughout the well as hog breeders that just wanted more than their little corner of the farm. Whether you are looking to be a knight of renown or a simple wanderer, there are stories to envelope you. My table is always open, and I try to maintain a safe, courteous and mostly fun place for you to explore the world that we create together. I have played with veteran players as well as complete beginners. I play online, in game stores, conventions...heck, I've even been known to still kick it in the basement...old school. So grab a seat friend, open your dice bag and let's see where we can go to today!

GM style

I would say that my games tend to be heavier on the roleplay. I truly love seeing a character walk off of the sheet and become a living, breathing person. When I can hear a player become the character, that's my truest reward. That said, I do recognize the need for a good old knock-down, drag-out fracas from time to time...and I try to make those as entertaining as possible.

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