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About me

Hello there! I'm Broden, I am a DM who as a kid always dreamed of stumbling my way through a magic wardrobe or fighting off a band of orcs. I grew up loving fantasy and all the wonder and possibility it could bring. When I was introduced to D&D, I immediately fell in love with the game and the freedom and options it brought. D&D for me is that magic wardrobe. What I want to bring is that chance for you to step into a magical world. I as a DM put together a homebrew world that I run all my games in. If you are looking for something a little different but still familiar and easy for your characters fit in I think you might just like what I've got for you.

GM style

I am a homebrew DM, I have spent 6 years putting together a world where the intent is to allow me to run any theme or style of game in the world. As a DM I want you to feel like you can play in your own style with your own flair of character. I like to reward creative and clever players, but I reward players for free. A well earned reward is better than a easy one. Most of the time I tend to favor roleplay but will bring in combat mostly when it best fits the tone or narrative of the experience I want to bring. As well I try to avoid setting up a railroad experience, I lean more towards letting the players explore the world and feel free to do as their characters wish (within reason). I tend to lean more towards a more real feeling game. What I mean by that is when Interacting with a NPC they will react to the players words and actions as a real person would, and characters will be less superheroes or anime protagonists, and more skilled and talented people who hopefully have what it takes to make it in the career of adventuring. Without sacrificing fun, my goal is to make the games seem believable (once you get past the dragons, undead, magic, samurai high elves and gods in cigar boxes).

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