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About me

I'm a gaming enthusiast, a GM with many voices, a patient teacher for new players, and I love it when players come up with creative solutions to my creative problems! One thing you'll never need to worry about with me as your guide is going off script, I will make up something if the Party suddenly finds a rug really interesting, I will create a use for those artisans tools that have no use. I will throw out what I had prepared and go with your ideas when you have good ideas, or we will all have a good laugh if your ideas are off the mark or you roll that dreaded 1. Fun is the name of the game, so let's stretch our imaginations and get to fun in as many ways as possible!

GM style

For me, GMing is all about the story we create together, and if you create a backstory with interesting NPCs I will love roleplaying them and weaving them in to whatever story it is we are playing and creating together. I love doing character voices, and I'm always looking to grow my list of fun voices. I like tactical combat a lot but I also love improvised combat! Just because it's not covered in the rules doesn't mean you can't do it, so lets use the environment, our wits and our sense of humours to make combat more cinematic!

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