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About me

Hello! My gaming roots begin back in all the way back in 1993, with the Marvel Superheroes RPG. The first character I played was Ghost Rider, but I swapped out his shotgun for a hellfire blasting bazooka. Because I was 12 and I could! I started running games for friends about 4 years later, and quickly found myself in the semi-proverbial "always the GM, rarely the player" role. It's a good thing I enjoy it! I've run D&D (every edition since AD&D 2nd), World of Darkness, Shadowrun, Monster of the Week games. I own and would love to run more! I've been involved in the TTRPG community on Twitter since around 2009, and used to run games on G+ Hangouts (streaming hipster cred!). A few of my long-term games have wikis! I love running games for new gamers, too, helping them learn the ropes and join the hobby!

GM style

I am definitely a role > roll play gamer. I love my shiny math click clacks, don't get me wrong, and I'll play the dice as they lay mostly, but I'm not in the game to have to struggle against chaotic and random polyhedrals feeling cranky that day and ruin a good time! I enjoy a good (key word!) combat as much as an interesting social encounter, or exploration. I love creating fun and interesting NPCs to entertain or act as foils players characters. I like sandboxy games but a good ol' dungeon crawl or customizing a published adventure module can be fun, too. I'm flexible!


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