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About me

I got hooked in 1985 when my babysitter ran a game for my pals. We stayed up all night drinking Jolt cola and felt like kings of the world. It was because of D&D that I became a professional screenwriter and won a few Emmy awards. I DM because Players deserve the opportunity to break free of the real world and become somebody else. There's joy to be had in role-play, and D&D is one of the few ways to experience that joy unless you're an actor (or spend a lot of time in couples therapy). Letting you be somebody else for a few hours is an experience I want to facilitate.

GM style

I love Players. It's far more interesting to see you do something unique & creative than watch you max out your stats. "But that's what my character would do" can be awesome or a total cop-out. I don't play with players who steal from the party or try to kill teammates. Players should support each other - there are plenty of other things out there trying to destroy you. I think combat should be threatening and purposeful. I hate random encounters and love it when the party talks their way in to (or out of) a new situation.

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