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I'm an all around nerd whos into everything sci-fi and fantasy. My favorite book is DUNE, and I've been reading, writing, and engaging with fantasy and sci-fi since I was in middle school. During my years in High School I developed a fondness for TTRPGs and cooperative storytelling. I consume lore and historical anecdotes with gusto, and if you let me go on I could probably tell stories about both for hours and hours. I put these skills to use in crafting highly thought out, adaptable experiences within my TTRPG campaigns and one-shots. I find that when I play in TTRPGs, the sense of agency and choice is what intrigues me the most, so I try to maximize that as much as possible. I hope that every game I run is one that I'd love to play in, and I hope you will too.

GM style

I'm a very roleplay centric DM, who makes a point to really get into the headspace of the NPCs that players can encounter throughout the world, and think about how these characters and by extension the factions that they are part of, will react to the actions of the players. I place player agency and fun above everything else, adapting to each situation depending on player choice. I'm an obsessive over-preparer who loves roleplay, especially improvisational roleplay. I'm the type of DM who will go out of his way to write you a 2000 word hand out on the local flora of an area just because you asked, but can also make something up for you on the fly if you ask a question I never thought to ask myself!

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