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About me

Hello everyone, I'm a 23 year old GM who focuses on running D&D 5e on Foundry and Pokemon Tabletop United on Roll20. My games will probably be on the cheapside, since I'm new to running professional games, I've been running games for friends for a few years now though - since Highschool - and my latest group hasn't complained yet. Since I recently have acquired a Foundry license in an effort to move away from Roll20 due to issues with consistency, I was hoping to start advertising myself on here. As a GM, I prefer to let the players lead the story through roleplay and generally run modules over anything else (I've got an idea for a Homebrew world on but I think it'll take some time to prepare something - worlds aren't built overnight after all). Modules I've run in the past include Waterdeep Dragon Heist and Tyranny of Dragons (Both Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat). Some warnings before players elect to game with me: Due to Covid and probably until I'm finished with University I will continue to live with my parents. They have a very skewed misconception of what boundaries are and can sometimes cause distractions. I keep the door to my room closed just in case but they see me on my laptop and assume I'm wasting my life - despite having a separate job as an online tutor and all my coursework being entirely online. Oh well. Currently, I plan for any sessions to be held on Wednesdays and maybe Friday evenings. Don't expect Matthew Mercer levels of voice acting please, I try to put in effort for voices but I'm definitely not a voice actor.

GM style

I love roleplay just suck at voices x-x. I also like having challenging but not impossible combat scenarios placed in front of players. I also think it'd be really awesome if one of the players could stream! I don't have the best equipment to do it but I think it'd be nice to smile and laugh and past games together.

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