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Nathan Dreads

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About me

I am a long time and award-winning dungeon master who enjoys the story overall. I look at tabletop rpgs as a collaborative story where the uncertainty comes from the interactions between players and NPCs more so than the dice. That does not mean that mechanics are not important. They are impeccably important. Which is why I say if you're rolling a die in my game, its because you're doing something that matters. I have recently switched from 5e to Cypher. Too many finicky rules that got in the way of the actual game. I'm the kind of GM that cares less about your new feat that deals 2 more damage, and more of the type of GM that cares how your character is dealing with the loss of not saving yet another innocent person. I was the first consecutive winner of the Iron Game Master tournament, and the highlight of my gamemastering career was penning the players guide to blackmoor under Dave Arenson.

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