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Jamie Moreland

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About me

Ever wanted to play DnD with a hostage negotiator as your DM? If so, now is your chance! In my every day job, I work as a staff trainer in a medium security prison and I'm also a crisis/hostage negotiator for my institution. New Players welcome: Absolutely! About bit more about me: I'm 46, married, have 3 kids. I have been around DnD in one capacity or another for over 30 years. I grew up during the era of the 1980's Satanic Panic ( you don't know what that is, google it lol). So, my mom didn't let me play. but me and a friend would sneak the books around the school and roll dice under the desks, so no one could see! Made it harder to play, but also more fun. After that, I mostly read Novels. My favorite is the Dragonlance Series. I actually have the Paladin Sturm Brightblade tattooed on my back. Over the many years, I have played DnD off and on, but have played regularly, about once a week, for about five years. I have been the DM for the vast majority of that time. I also love painting miniatures, and making terrain for in person games. I have a couple of hundred minis that I have painted so far. That's about it, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me! Can't wait to have you at the table!

GM style

I'm very laid back and try to promote a table where you can make friends while, at the same time, we all tell an epic story. I encourage banter, especially if it's in character, but I do try to keep the pace of play at rate where we are making progress. I wish I were an actor/voice actor, but I'm not. So please don't expect crazy accents or voices. However, I will try to make the NPCs memorable, and will change the inflection/pitch/tone of each character, and occasionally, throw in an accent or two, so that you know you are talking to an NPC. I normally adjust my depth of RP to the amount the players are comfortable with. We can do: "The old man reaches under the counter, you hear the click of a lock being opened, and the lid of a chest rolling back. As his hand emerges from the counter, you see a red liquid in the dust covered vial he holds in his hands. '10 gold', he says with a crooked smile." or, we can do: "This shop sells healing potions for 10 gold." :) Normally it's somewhere in-between, but you get the point. lol To summarize, I'm not Matt Colville or Matt Mercer, but my goal is to have you leave the game thinking "That was fun! Can't wait until next time". So, if you are in it for the fun of the game, I could be your DM! Rules: I typically run my sessions using the rules as written. However, I am pretty flexible and if something makes sense/ doesn't make sense, I'm open for discussion. However, I ask that once a ruling has been made that we go with it, and we discuss any objections later. You will not hurt my feelings if, after the game, you point out that I made a mistake. I want to correct that, so please bring it up. I try to be fair, and run a balanced game, but I also let the dice fall as they will. I don't fudge many numbers, so PC death is possible. I would ask that all PCs Race, Class, Subclass, etc. be based on the books that I have available in Fantasy Grounds. This is for ease of managing the system.

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