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Johnathan Martinez
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About me

Hey everyone! I've been playing DnD for the last 3 years and have become a bit obsessive. I love being able to experience the heroic fantasy of my childhood first hand. To have a world and adventure unfold right before the players very eyes. I like to provide a freeform and fun environment for players to fully express themselves and their hopes for adventure. I am very lenient on just about everything, if it's fun and you're happy about it, I want to make it happen for you. Hopefully this sounds like a good time for you and I look forward to hearing from you, whoever you are!

GM style

I am lenient and just want to have fun. I love roleplay and puzzles (I feel a lot of DMs shy away from puzzles which is kind of sad). Your fun is what is most important to me, rules be damned if they get in the way (within reason of course). I have some good voices for characters, but I'll admit I need to work on my consistency with them, cant guarantee any NPC will sound exactly the same when you see them again.

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